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Ladies and gentlemen,

As the chair of the Organising Committee of the International Jubelee Scientific Conference, held in honor of Dimitar Dobrovich 200th birthday, It’s my honor to officially invite you to attend the conference “ХIXth CENTURY ROMANTICISM. The Life and Art of Dimitar Dobrovich (1816-1905)”, which will take place in Sofia, New Bulgarian University, November 16-18, 2016.

In 2016, the Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre and New Bulgarian University are celebrating the first Bulgarian academically-trained artist’s 200th birthday. The special presentation of the artist Dimitar Dobrovich, gives us the opportunity to study the period when Bulgarian secular art appeared and to put it into Balkan and European contexts, considering it as part of the European artistic process in the second half of the XIXth century.

Dimitar Dobrovich’s life and artistic work were influenced by three national cultures. The Greek culture – as he was artistically educated in Greece. The Italian culture – as he continued his education in Italy and spent most of his working life there. The Bulgarian culture – as he came back to his already freed country where he exhibited his art, and made a generous donation to the country and his hometown of Sliven.

I’m happy that during this Jubilee conference, New Bulgarian University will once again become an enlightened academic territory, where the scientists can share their experience, ideas, cultural and artistic achievements. I believe, that during this Scientific Forum, we will have many meaningful discussions, we will have opportunities to form teams for future projects implementation and for meeting new friends.


Associate Professor Ruzha Marinska PhD 
Chair of the Organising Committee




Associate Professor Ruzha Marinska PhD, Chair of the Organising Committee, New Bulgarian University

Professor Georg Kraev PhD, New Bulgarian University

Ch. Assist. Prof. Rossitsa Gicheva PhD , New Bulgarian University

Ch. Assist. Prof. Vladimir Dimitrov PhD, New Bulgarian University

Angela Daneva PhD, Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogue Centre 

Janet Miteva, National Gallery-Sofia

Assistant Professor Panayotis Ioannou PhD, University of Crete















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